Managing & Advisory Team

Algorithm works closely with a team of Business Schools Teachers and Seasoned Professionals from different Backgrounds and Experiences as Advisors ,




Ramiro Martins

Ramiro is a Management and Business Professor, teaching STRATEGIC MARKETING, BRANDING, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and PREDICTIVE METHODOLOGIES, during his 20+ years academic career . He holds a Engineering Degree and a MSc on Business Research. An expert in differentiating brands and designing innovative competitive advantages, he was previously CEO and Consultant of companies in the Insurance, Health Care, Retail and Publishing industries during his 30+ year career as a manager.


Eurico Nobre

Eurico has worked with brands like Nestlé, BP, Santander, Siemens and VW. A CRM, He has held several executive roles, including CEO of the Ogilvy Group in Portugal, Chief Strategy Officer of the holding GLD. He has a Marketing degree, a Master in Management from Catholic University, the Strategic Marketing Program from Ross Business School, University of Michigan and the Executive MBA from AESE | IESE, where he is a Teaching Fellow and an award-winning case writer.Eurico is a Marketing Teacher and a Seasoned Consultant.


Mario Porfirio

Mario started his first Business as early as he was 20 y.o. The company is now an iconic Brand on the Portuguese Media landscape. He expanded the business to hold different investments on the Media Business He holds an MBA from AESE Business School and is an expert on Start-up coaching. He also Teaches Marketing Management at AESE Business School