People don't want to buy Insurance, people want things they treasure to be protected

Insurance allowed the world to move forward since 1688. But on our days people don't want to buy Insurance anymore, they just want to have the things they treasure protected. Algorithm works closely with Insurers and Brokers to embed Insurance Solutions on products and services people want to buy, use and ultimately protect.

Customers Behavior is changing at a fast pace and their new needs are not been met by traditional Insurance. That's why Insurance has to be reinvented.



Successful Insurance will focus not on a digital strategy but on a strategy for the digital age

Adapt the Insurance Industry to the new digital era and new customer behaviors is not an easy task.  Existing complex regulations and existing relationships of trust are complex to change. And setting up new insurance companies is not trivial.

The typical answer has been to design new Digital Strategies, but what Insurers must do is set up a Strategy for the Digital Age and for their Customer's new Behavior. 

Algorithm teams up with Insurers and Brokers to design Ecosystems, Platforms and Solutions for the Digital Age and to protect the new Customer´s Lifestyle.